Wax the hell?!


Even the best surfers can only unleash their full potential when board and surfer become one.

We’ll strap you into that invisible binding for perfect grip that gives you these unrivalled moments.

It is our mission to keep developing surf wax that allows you to push your surfing skills whilst keeping our waters healthy.


Our surf wax


Applying your surfboard wax 


Make sure your board is nice and clean and then apply a thick layer of basecoat. The next layer of surf wax will stick all the better and give you perfect grip.

Bali or Klitmøller. Water temperature is key for applying the right surfboard wax. Our waxes range from Tropic to Ice Cold. Keep your wax and board out of the sun if possible.

You like it sticky? Then use a surf wax in the highest temperature range given on its packet

Apply a new layer prior to every surf to get those waxy bumps going. More bumps means more grip!

Need to remove old surfboard wax? Simply use a wax comb to scrape it off. For a super clean board (e.g. for fixing a ding) finish off with an eco-friendly wax remover. 


- 100% natural and handmade in Munich

- Biodegradable & sustainable without palm oil or soy oil

- Free from petrochemicals and synthetic adhesives

- Packaging made from 100% recycled paper fibers







A stone’s throw from the Alps is where they come from – Steffi and Julien. To be precise: straight out of Munich, the birthplace and hotbed of urban river surfing. The city where waves of cycling surfers have always paced through the city, heading straight for their next drop in. Come summer, come winter, may it be hot, may it be cold…may it be ice cold. Now 20 years later, Julien and Steffi meet again and join forces, waxing their surfboards together at the Eisbach.

With pots and whisks they first got to work, melting blocks of wax, moulding silicone templates. Inquisitive neighbours suspect they are concocting drugs. But the only highs they get are from their new surfboard waxes that they are continually testing on glassy waters across the globe. From wave pools and open rivers to the Atlantic Ocean. Experimenting with constituents, proportions and shapes has lead to their 100% natural surf wax recipe. Made in Munich, designed for the world, to keep our waters healthy.

Sharing is easy among friends, and when there’s little time and the journey’s far, then we break our wax in two, just like we once broke our bread. That is why this surf wax offers a kink – a piece for you, a piece for me. From cool to warm, from river to ocean. Whatever. WAX Z’AM. Get your feet on the board and always remember: Munich is connected to the ocean- somehow, somewhere, sometime.